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Lost Tribe

The incredible true story of Edward Marriott, a young English journalist who travelled to Papua Guinea to discover the Liawep, the last lost tribe on earth, a journey which ended in a desperate race through the jungle to get away from a group of cannibal headhunters. 



Animal poacher Russell falls foul of an Aboriginal shaman and is transformed into a koala. Shipped off to the Chicago zoo, Russell must persuade a resourceful young girl, Sophie, to help get back to Australia and have the spell reversed.



This screen version of Charles Marowitz’s brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare's original “ Merchant of Venice,” is set in Jerusalem in 1946 around the infamous King David Hotel bombing.


Winter Fire

A young German soldier, who was a conductor before the start of WWII, abandons his mission to kidnap Sibelius when he becomes obsessed with the Maestro's mysterious Eighth symphony.

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